I'm Vicki

I am the founder of Spirit of Essence. I am here to guide and support your journey of self-discovery.
Finding your inner happiness, joy, self-confidence and identity; this is your given right and reclaiming that allows life’s journey to go with the ebb and flow of life.

A person leaning on a tree

I am A Flower Essence Practitioner/Life Coach


My journey first started when I had my second child.
I have two beautiful children and a great hubby, but something was missing!

I felt unfilled and disconnected; from me, I had lost my identity and confidence.

I was unsure of who I was. On the outside, looking in, you would never have thought I had disconnected from me. I appeared happy from the outside.

I decided to take a spiritual pathway, which led me to
learn about energy work. I studied Pranic Healing, which led me to work for Perth’s healing and meditation centre.


My spiritual journey started here. I loved my pathway, teaching meditation and doing energy work. During this time, I did a lot of inner reflection and started my healing journey.

I came across flower essence therapy, with which I fell in love.

I was blown away by how beautiful and powerful flower essences were in healing and supporting your emotions.

I studied cert 4 in mind-body medicine; this covered many subjects from counselling to psychology of self, diet and flower essences.

During this time, I used flower essence therapy to help support my transformative journey and find myself again. 

I turned to flower essence therapy as my healing modality journey of transformation and self-discovery.

It was a journey of delving deep into my being, which required courage and self-questioning.


Flower essences supported my emotions and gradually unravelled the tangled threads of my thoughts and feelings.

Flower essences supported my emotions and gradually unravelled the tangled threads of my thoughts and feelings.

The flower essences whispered ancient secrets to my spirit, offering clarity like a ray of light in the darkest nights. They became my companions in solitude, guiding me toward understanding what needed to shift, what needed nurturing, and what needed releasing.

As I journeyed further into the depths of self-awareness, the flower essences nurtured me. They kept showing me the hidden corners of my consciousness. They helped me understand the intricate tapestry of my emotions.

For this transformative journey, I remain eternally grateful to the healing powers of flower essences.

They were not a magical fix but a steady hand, gently leading me back to myself. With their support, I discovered the strength to embrace change, to mend what needed to be mended, and to nurture myself.

My journey continues, guided by the whispers of these remarkable essences, as I unfold the layers of my being and reclaim the nature of my true self.

Walking the path of connecting with yourself is a journey done with others. Using allies of flower essences and me to guide and support you is your best decision.


Everyone deserves to live a life of joy and happiness; is it time to allow yourself the freedom to explore your connection with self and bloom in all areas of your life?

Now you know where to start. If this resonates, I’d love to offer you a complimentary consultation where we can explore how I can support you. With Flower essences and coaching.

If you would like support to live a happier life book a 15 minute complimentary chat by sending me an email at Vicki@spiritofessence.com.au 

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