Flower Essence Blend “Embrace” Self Love

Flower Essence Blend "Embrace"

We hear so much regarding self love and it can be very confusing, so what does self love mean? “Regards for ones own wellbeing and wellness.” I actually find that pretty damn powerful, and thought provoking! Stop and really feel that meaning, ask yourself do you really have self love going on. Looking at the […]

Star of Bethlehem – Creative Soul

The essence of opening the mind to creative solutions and breaking out into new thought. To bring the realisation and mental force to break into the realms of infinite options and choices which have always been there. With the new creativity and hope, life situations are completely turned around. The universe is full of opportunities, […]

Purple Flag – The Release

The essence of relief and release. To create a way for the build up pressure and tension to escape, and allow healing  and relaxation of body and mind. To enhance the unwinding process and to release the sense of having to react automatically, tensely to situations.

Pincushion Hakea – The Free and Open Mind

The essence of opening up to new concepts and ideas. To take the fear out of the unknown and untried. To understand the value of the different hues instead of only perceiving things in black and white. To feel the thrill of exploring another realm of thought. To inspire full acceptance of the beliefs of […]

West Australian Wildflowers

Pink everlasting flowers

For thousands of years before we arrived in Western Australia, the Bibbulmun Aboriginal People lived in the south west of Western Australia and were surrounded by the prolific and year round blossoming of Western Australian wildflowers. The tribe leaders and healers would conduct healing ceremonies where a person was laid in a pit of earth […]

Pink Everlasting – Spring of Eternal Sustenance

Spring of Eternal Sustenance The essence of replenishment, of sustaining care, filling one’s heart with inspiration. To restore the milk of human kindness to the hearts of those who’s caring has run out because it was relying on the emotional response? This essence gets one in touch with the higher and richer internal source, beyond […]

Black Kangaroo Paw – The Joy of Forgiveness

The Joy of Forgiveness. The essence of forgiveness and love. To bring back the light and re-sensitise after resentment and heavy emotional traumas one can’t seem to forget. This essence brings people back to their own hearts rather than staying in their resentful gut reactions, to go forward in their lives and leave their negativity behind.

Purple Enamel – To Master the Chi

The essence to instil consistency in achievement and energy output. To create a balance between work and rest. Helpful for those who do too little, then too much and then collapse. The practical use of energy encourages better self-esteem and confidence. Proving oneself is no longer an issue. For those who feel defeated, useless and […]