We hear so much regarding self love and it can be very confusing, so what does self love mean?

“Regards for ones own wellbeing and wellness.”

I actually find that pretty damn powerful, and thought provoking!

Stop and really feel that meaning, ask yourself do you really have self love going on.

Looking at the words wellbeing “state of being comfortable healthy and happy” and wellness “state of good health”

We all view these words differently and at times feel the pressure that we have to live in these states to be happy. Sure looking after ourselves in the best possible way that works is awesome, we can eat wholesome food, exercise, meditate but if we find our inner critic is still being hard on us then no matter what you do in the physical world does not always sustain us. 

Wellbeing and Wellness is really about the “whole” mind, body and spirit.

Self love goes even deeper it is about that inner contentment, appreciation for self, realization that love lies within us, self-worth, acceptance of self.

When our inner critic keeps us from exploring our self-love and tells us to keep away from it and  all is good, look at how fabulous you are, you have everything under control keep going, you will be fine. Great! So we believe everything is fabulous! 

Then our inner critic starts again complaining how you lack self worth, or not content, you get the story. So we might be taking care of some parts of our wellbeing and wellness!

How do we keep our inner critic quiet! and play games with us, so we can focus on our inner self love.

To be honest it takes a lot of practice and awareness of what is being said as we tend to become immune of the critic and stay in the story and allow the story to get bigger and bigger. How crazy is that!

Something that I find powerful is to actually ask the inner critic to stop and say thank you, but not now, thank you. This is when the self awareness becomes powerful, knowing when you are  listening to a story and being able to put a stop to it, but knowing it is totally ok to say stop. You have the power to change your inner critics story and becomes friends with it!

Remember thoughts create feelings which then leads to belief.

When a thought / feeling pops up sit with it allow it to be present explore it talk to it, be the observer, don’t chuck it down deep as it will keep bubbling away, so that self love stays away. This is an on going practice that takes patience, like going to the gym to become fit and strong you have to train regularly, same as self awareness. Being present allows us to become the master of our thoughts.

Flower essence helps support these feelings and allows you to work through what has been presented around self love.

Embrace is a blend of 5 flowers that support everything we need to nurture our self love from appreciation to create happiness to the beauty from our souls. To inspire self esteem and acceptance without blame. The eternal springs of love to the first and most important opinion is the one you have about yourself. Purchase Here

Exploring self love can be painful at times and can take time, being gentle with yourself through this process is the key.