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Within the bright jewel of my mind the purity of Light is shining. 

I see clearly.

My inner Path leads me on to the treasures of Life.

∼ Vasu and Kadambii Barnao ∼

What is flower essence therapy?

For many years, flower essences have provided people of all ages with an excellent tool for healing, emotional support and personal growth.

Flower Essences are natural health elixirs derived from, you guessed it, flowers. They have proven to help many people in all areas of their lives, including; physical, mental and spiritual. Flower essences are gentle, effective, and suitable for any person or animal of any age.
Science tells us that everything – plants, animals, the earth, stars – is made up of energy. Every flower species has a unique vibration.
Flower essences are vibrational, and we notice our mental processes as we experience nature through interaction. The flower essence’s healing properties can feel like an experience as a “door opening” to new thought processes, relaxation responses, a sense of peace, new ideas, excitement and hope.


Flower essences help access your natural qualities that have either been asleep or perhaps become unreachable due to being buried under years of old behaviours and programmed responses to life events.

Vital Force

Flower essences have a vitality that gets transferred to the person using them.

This source of vitality is beneficial when a person lacks energy or feels overwhelmed. People can be more creative in response to their life challenges when revitalised. 


Flower essence healing has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures around the world.

It is necessary that the flowers and their vibration, or what the aboriginal people call “spirit”, are kept intact and not crushed. Preserving the water soaked or collected from flowers in a particular way from a specific place is a hallmark of flower essence. Flower essences are called “vibrational medicine” The oldest living tradition, thousands of years old, is that of the Bibulmun aboriginal people of the South West of Western Australia. They created their flower essence healing in a specific way, within a particular ceremony, with flowers from a particular site, the patient with a specific ailment lying on the flowers soaked in water over coal-heated earth to create healing steam. 

Today’s modern world and flower essence collection methods can differ from individual teachings. We are attracted to other flowers at different times; what attracts one person may repel or be neutral to another.

A person smiling

Peacefulness, Cheerfulness, Fearlessness, Liveliness

We have all experienced these beautiful emotions in our lives at some point. Somewhere along the way, we have miss placed these feelings, or they might pop up every so often, but they don’t seem to stick around. What matters is that we can reconnect with these feelings again. When we become out of touch with these feelings, we tend to get tangled up with the emotions that aren’t serving us, making it difficult to see the precise pathway.

The more we focus on them, the more we tell ourselves how life has become complicated, and the same cycle keeps going around in circles. The good news is that there is a range of alternative health therapies that can help support you through your journey of self-discovery, and Flower Essence Therapy is one. A perfect one!

Are you ready to:

Release anxiety, stress and lack of self- love that is holding you back.

Have emotional support during challenging times.

Move forward from past pain and focus on new healing pathways.

My personal mission is to help you explore Flower Essences that are loving, nurturing and supportive during challenging times. 

To get you to feel peaceful, cheerful, fearless and alive . I invite you to book your FREE

15 minute complimentary call here. 

Personalised Flower Essences

60-minute Zoom call and tailored flower essences specifically for you.

During the call, we will work through any challenges, obstacles, or desires limiting your life journey.

Support via email x 1 within six weeks.

Consultation is the best option to provide that the flower essences are created personally for your current situation. A consultation will help us to understand your needs.

Investment $130

Including Flower Essence and postage

Flower Affinity Session

In-person 60-90 minutes.

pre-consultation questionaire.

Using flower cards to help diagnose the correct flower essences.

Experience the energy of your chosen flower essences.

Support via email x 2 within six weeks.

If you are willing to develop a deeper relationship with yourself, commit to your personal growth, and move through emotional blocks, this session is for you.

Investment $150

Including Flower Essence

Pre-Made Flower Essences

Pre-made flower essence blends are easy to use if you need emotional support but don’t want to dive deep into any underlying issues.

There are eight different blends to choose from :

. Embrace (Self Love)

. Rise (Inner Growth)

. Zest (Energy Loss)

. Radiant (Inner strength)

. Connection (Spiritual)

. Release (Stress)

. Freedom (Forgive)

. Renewal (Relationship)


Ok, your next step is this.

I invite you to book your FREE discovery call and have a conversation with me.