Growth “Rise”


This flower essence blend is allowing self to get out of the mindset of feeling stuck and not having the will to make the shift in a new direction, without feeling frightened and start to see the beauty around us.

Express: Elevation of the Will, Moving Forward, Surrounded of Light and Love, Freedom of Letting Go

Dissolve: Serious, Overwhelmed, Obsessive, Past Pain, Stagnation, Resentment

Use : 6 drops, 3 times a day under tongue or in water bottle drink through out the day until finished.

Flower Beauty:

Blue China Orchid : Strengthen the worth, self control, inspiring change

Green Rose : Making progress, Maintaining healthy habits, To be free of frustration

Candle of Life : Switch on the light, reach out to the beauty around you, renewal of optimism and hope

Dampiera : Letting go, being flexible, adapt to new situations

Purified water(Aqua) Brandy,(Alcohol) Cyanicula Gemmata,(Blue China Orchid) Rosa Chinensis Veridiflora,(Green Rose) Johnsonia Pubescens,(Candle of Life) Dampiera linearis,(Dampiera)
If you would prefer apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol please request.



Infused with flower essences. 6 drops, 3 times a day, under tongue


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