Inner Strength “Radiant”


This flower essence blend is to allow our internal self to have the strength to stand life’s pressure. The art to carry our inner peace with us, where ever we are, is part of truely knowing our inner strength and maintaining it. When we hold our inner strength this creates radiance with in.

Express : Acceptance of All as Equal, Glow of the Inner Being, Carrying Inner Peace

Dissolve : Selfish, Demanding, Over Sensitive, Emotional, Reactionary, Stressed, Feeling Nervy

Use : 6 drops, 3 times a day under tongue or in water bottle drink through out the day until finished.

Flower Beauty:

Cowslip Orchid : Inner serenity, to carry inner strength, maintain inner calmness

Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid : Having strong internal guidance, strength to maintain your inner peace

Pink Fairy Orchid : Maintaining ones own inner strength, inner core , inner serenity and peace

Ingredients: Purified water(Aqua) Brandy,(Alcohol) Caladenia Flavia,(Cowslip Orchid) Caladenia SP,(hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid) caladenia latifolia,(Pink Fairy Orchid)
If you would prefer apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol please request.



Infused with flower essences. 6 drops, 3 times a day, under tongue


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