Spiritual Depth “Connection”


This flower essence blend is to have a deeper connection with oneself and allowing unconditional love to flow through us, letting our heart become free and move forward with patience and awareness.

Express : Seeker of the Soul, Selfless Love, Breakthrough

Dissolve : Frustration, Lack of Vision, Emotional, Hurt, Powerless, Obstructed

Use : 6 drops, 3 times a day under tongue or in water bottle drink through out the day until finished.

Flower Beauty:

White Nymph WaterLily : To uncover the deepest spiritual core, enhancing the joy of life, helpful for spiritual practice such as meditation.

Purple Nymph WaterLily : To free the spirit with unconditional love, freeing the heart

Shy Blue Orchid : To become free to move forward, patience and awareness, path of light

Purified water(Aqua) Brandy,(Alcohol) Nymphaea Violeacea,(White Nymph Waterlilly) Nymphaea Violeacea,(Purple Nymph Waterlilly) Cyanicula Amplexans,(Shy Blue Orchid)



Infused with flower essences. 6 drops, 3 times a day, under tongue


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