Energy Loss “Zest”


This flower essence blend is to allow vital life force to be re-ignited and give energy to the body and mind allowing ourselves to move forward and connect with enthusiasm and zest for life.This also restores inner strength which helps with giving our life force the revitalization that is needed to support us.

Express : Return of Vital Force, Control from the Centre, Rejuvenation, Restoring

Dissolve : Exhausted, Drained, Depleted, Overwhelmed, Shattered, Trauma

Use : 6 drops, 3 times a day under tongue or in water bottle drink through out the day until finished.

Flower Beauty:

Pink Fountain Triggerplant : Restoring vital force, inner vitality, balance between the physical, body and spiritual level

Leafless Orchid : Stimulating the inner core, focus what is primarily important

Reedtrigger Plant : To recharge after a long struggle, restore inner strength, revitalise parts of our mind and body

Cowkicks : Recovering from trauma, re-energise the mind and body

Purified water(Aqua) Brandy,(Alcohol) Stylidium Bulbiferum,(Pink Fountain Triggerplant)Praecoxanthus Aphylla,(Leafless Orchid) Stylidium Junceum,(Reedtrigger plant) Stylidium Schoenoides,(Cowkicks Orchid)
If you would prefer apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol please request.


Infused with flower essences. 6 drops, 3 times a day, under tongue


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