Self Love “Embrace”


This flower essence blend is about Self Love, exploring our Self Worth, Acceptance of Self, Recognition of Self and creating the Simplicity of Love and tapping into the Source of love Eternal.
Allowing the Flower Essences to support you through exploring these different areas of ourselves that have been shut down for far too long, bringing back self love is key to allow ourselves to move forward. Allowing gentleness with ourselves to explore who we really are and what we want with gentleness.

Express: Self Worth, Self Appreciation, Self Love, Inner Contentment, Independent, Acceptance, Inner Love, Positivity, Self Recognition.

Dissolve: Under Valued, Inferiority, Bitterness, Submissive, Needy, Hurt, Anger, Sad

Use : 6 drops, 3 times a day under tongue or in water bottle drink through out the day until finished.

Flower Beauty :

Urchin Dryandra : Joy of self worth, inner beauty, light our inner joy

SnakeBush : Simplicity of love, love creates more love, independent

Correa : Acceptance of self, confidence, learning

Mauve Melaleuca : Source of eternal love , contentment, inner love

Yellow Cone : Recognition of self, to value ones self, clear and strong

Purified water(Aqua) Brandy,(Alcohol) Dryandra Praemorsa,(Urchin Dryandra) Hemiandra Pungens,(Snakebush)
Correa Pulchella,(Correa) Melaleuca Thymifolia,(Mauve melaleuca) Conostylis Aculeata,(Yellow Cone)
If you would prefer apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol please request.


Infused with flower essences: 6 drops, 3 times a day, under tongue


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